History of the Monticello / Wayne County Rescue Squad

The Monticello / Wayne County Rescue Squad was organized in the early 1970's when a group of dedicated citizens forsaw the need for an organization dedicated to helping save and protect the lives of their fellow citizens. Originally the squad began operations in a converted chicken house with surplus military and government vehicles and fiberglass v-bottom boats for water misssions. Funding was nearly nonexistant and equipment was makeshift at best. Due to the support of the community and of the members the squad was able to keep functioning throughout the years and gradually inprove their equipment to more modern standards. Financially, times have been lean throughout the squad's history and still at times remain so today. In our history, instances have occured when squad members took money from their own pockets to continue to operate the squad and purchase supplies since no funding is set aside in the state of Kentucky to fund the day to day operations of local rescue squads. Whenever possible and funds have been available, it has been the squad's goal to modernize and make our squad more effective. We now number among our members several divers, trained rappelers, and underwater camera operators. All services that are expensive to maintain and we hope to be able to improve even further as technology becomes more affordable.

Our Officers

David Frost, Chief
Vincent Decker, Assistant Chief
Jimmy Coffey, Captain & Rappel Team Leader
Wayne Hunter, Lieutenant
Jason Hancock, Lieutenant & Assistant Treasurer
Carol Decker, Treasurer
Teresa Wallen, Secretary

Mission Statement

The mission of the Monticello / Wayne County Rescue Squad is to save lives and help protect the citizens of Wayne County, to assist other departments within the county, or to assist other counties when called upon for mutual aid assistance.

E-mail Us

Want to send us a brief note? mwcrs@windstream.net

Location / Phone Numbers


Monticello / Wayne County Rescue Squad
50 Boone Street
Monticello, KY 42633



For Emergencys Locally:

Dial 911

To Get A Message To Us Quickly:

Call Monticello / Wayne County 911 Headquarters @


"Risking Our Lifes to Save Yours!"

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